• The Argentine Network for International Cooperation (in Spanish, Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional, RACI), produces and spreads periodically public information related to International Cooperation. Thereby, it seeks to democratize its access and provide a solid and reliable source of information to individuals and institutions.

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  • This network, integrated by 74 Civil Society Organizations (CSO), seeks to create and establish links among different actors of the Argentine Civil Society in order to increase the impact of the actions, and to achieve a comprehensive approach to the social problematic through International Cooperation in the country.

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  • Since its beginnings, RACI has sought to sensitize all those involved in the process of cooperation, encourage their participation, and cooperate with positioning Argentina in the international scenery from the incidence in International Cooperation policy.

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  • RACI provides different tools to collaborate with the institutional development and strengthening of the CSOs through the generation of information on the search of funds, production of documents and publications on news and updates of International Cooperation, and the execution of training spaces, such as workshops and seminars.

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  • By creating spaces for dialogue and exchange, RACI articulates different actors involved in the process of International Cooperation, such as CSOs and International Donors that invest in the country, in order to enhance the collective work and increase the impact of their actions in the society.

  • For 5 years, RACI has published useful and valuable information on the process of International Cooperation, and has provided with national and international trainings, talks, and seminars to civil society organizations, governmental organizations, universities, research institutions, among other actors, to advise and deepen their knowledge on the subject.

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  • RACI maintains strategic alliances with key agents in International Cooperation, such as embassies, foreign representations, cooperation agencies, multilateral organizations, international foundations, universities, centers for studies and research, and national and international think tanks.

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  • RACI does research and productions of public documents and reports related to the actions of International Cooperation and Civil Society in Argentina and the world, so as to generate input for the different social actors that participate in the process of International Cooperation – States, CSOs, governmental and private donors.

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RACI works with an interdisciplinary team of volunteers that collaborate with the areas and programs of the Network, and provide their time and dedication in order to develop the daily tasks of the organization.

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