Centro de Estudios sobre Nutrición Infantil (CESNI)


CESNI was founded July 18, 1976, it is a non-profit and Non-Governmental Organization who receives resources from research subsidies, national and international agencies and foundations, business or private donations and from consultancies and contracts with the private sector.


Making nutritional knowledge standard, through better food,effective community interventions, greater and better informationand education in diet and nutrition.


An Argentine childhood with the ability to express their potential and translate it into quality of life.


  • Develop basic, clinical or epidemiological nutrition research
  • Advise public shares and other non-governmental organizations
  • Develop courses and academic events for doctors, nutritionists, biochemists, and other health and social science professionals
  • Design and implement nutrition education programs
  • Advise food companies in areas related to nutritional value
  • Offer services to analize the nutritional value
  • In general, advise businesses in the design, implementation, or evaluation of community interventions