Fundación Ejercicio Ciudadano

It is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes the strengthening of democratic institutions and encourages a citizenship that is interested, active and engaged with public issues. In this sense, we promote active and responsible participation of the citizenship in the public sphere as a daily exercise. Through the creation of mechanisms for civic control, we intend to contribute to a transparent, effective, and efficient governance; to re-evaluate and rank the place of politics and institutions of democracy, as well as the work of our representatives and the links between them and citizenship.


Promote the strengthening of democratic institutions, while constructing citizenship.


A citizenship that is interested, active, and committed to a democratic institution


  • Contribute to the formation of the citizenship and the knowledge of their rights and civic responsibilities.
  • Demand the validity of a justice system that will lead to the management of a rule of law independent of political power.
  • Operate mechanisms of civic control that contribute to the transparency of government actions.